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Kyung Suk Lee, James D. Kim, Hwalmin Jin, and Matthew Fuhrmann “Nuclear Weapons and Low-Level Military Conflict (International Studies Quarterly, Vol. 66 Issue 5, 2023) DOI: 10.1093/ISQ/SQAC067

Working Papers

“Coup-Proofing: Latent Concept and Measurement” (Conditional Accept

“Coup-Proofing in the Shadow of External Security Threats” (in progress)

“Civilian Control and Political Leader Survival” (in progress)
“The Choson Dynasty’s Past Examination and the Dynamics of War” with Weiwen Yin and Joowon Lee (in progress)

Other Peer-Reviewed Publications

Hwalmin Jin, “Are Women More Peace-Oriented Than Their Male Colleagues? : Korean Women Legislators’ Voting Behavior on War Bills” 2022. Korea and World Review [한국과 세계], 4 (3): 173-192  (Download)
Hwalmin Jin and Yongmin Kim “우크라이나 사태로 바라본 유럽의 에너지 식량 안보 (European Energy and Food Security from Ukraine Crisis)” 2022. EU 연구 [EU Studies], 62: 11-36 (Korean)  (Download)
Hwalmin Jin, “Why Do Small States Adopt Divergent Alignment Policies? : The Alignment Policies of Indonesia and Thailand in the Early 1950s” 2022. Korea and Global Affairs [한국과 국제사회], 6 (2): 365-385 (Download)
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